Infant Feeding Specialist

As an Infant Feeding Specialists, I offer unbiased and judgement free support surrounding feeding. I provide evidence based support. I do not take the place of a lactation consultant or your physician. My job is to support families surrounding feeding and any struggles they are having in the intermediary times until the family can be seen by a lactation consultant or physician. 

I do not push or support one form of feeding over another, rather I support any and all ways of feeding. My goal is to build confidence and support my clients 100% in whatever they chose. 

What I do:

  • Help clients create a feeding plan (spans whole first year)

  • Troubleshoot feeding issues while waiting to see lactation consultant or primary care physician

  • Help get baby to take bottle while nursing parent is at work or away from the home

  • Educate and support parents surrounding feeding their baby

  • Dispel common breastfeeding myths

  • Educate clients on all their feeding options

  • Educate clients on types of formula available (should they chose to formula feed)

  • Connect clients to community resources as needed

  • Refer to trusted lactation consultants

  • Breast pump selection, resources, and set up