Gabby provided excellent care before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. She provided information to help me make informed decisions about where I wanted to give birth and what kind of pain management I would use. She also helped me with picking out items that I would need for caring for my baby such as carriers, bottles, and pumps. During labor, she helped me with my breathing and pain management techniques, and making sure that I ate. After the birth she has checked in with my husband and me and provided me with useful advice as well as recommendations for lactation consultants and postpartum counseling services. 

Gabby has been a huge help to my family and me during and after my pregnancy. I highly recommend her for support during your pregnancy. 

-Beth, Frank, and Evelyn

Gabby came to us as a back-up doula as we were nine days late and I went into labor on Christmas Eve! Given that it was a holiday, we were relieved that Gabby was so flexible. We went to the hospital for a quick check-in since we were past our due date. We decided to stay since labor had started on its own that morning. Gabby arrived in less than an hour of us notifying her we were checking into the hospital. As the day progressed, our labor turned into a full fledged marathon. I labored naturally for 25 hours followed by five hours with an epidural, ultimately ending in a C-section. Gabby was by my side the entire time. She held my hand through every tough contraction, made sure I tried to drink water and provided encouragement when we were faced with difficult decisions. Her kind and gentle demeanor helped me keep going and provided relief and assistance to my husband. I would definitely recommend Gabby as a doula!


Working with Gabby was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. I had no idea how much I needed her until she was here! I trusted her immediately in my home and with my daughter. She had a fantastic way with my daughter who was a little colicky and taught me so much.


Gabby was such a great help in those days that I thought my life was falling apart. The help around the house and with the baby was very, very much needed and it was greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much and if I was to do this again I wouldn't hesitate to contact Blue Cascade Doulas!!


 I have no words to thank Blue Cascade Doula Services for all the help, care and kindness during my pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. They are absolutely amazing sharing information, finding our needs and facilitating the communication between us and the care team. Strongly recommend!


Blue Cascade Doula Services is amazing! With the three pre-natal visits before the birth of my daughter, I felt it help build a connection. Gabby was my doula on the day I gave birth. I was being induced 13 days overdue. For my 3rd baby my labor went really slow. Gabby was there every step of the way. I had no idea how much support I would end up receiving. I feel very blessed to have had her there with me. Very knowledgeable in pain coping techniques, positions to help speed up labor, and just emotional support through the whole process. At my postpartum visit we also received amazing support, and advice. My pediatrician told us our baby had colic. Nope! Gabby got her swaddled up tight, and rocked her to sleep. Gabby also recommended a white noise machine, and now honestly, night time has been so much easier. I am beyond thankful for everything!


Gabby has been so amazing in helping me realize what I am capable of as a new Mom. She supports me and offers advice where needed. It is great to have someone to watch the baby so I can catch up on sleep or slip out for a little me time.


In the very beginning, having someone to help out at night (and let us catch up on sleep) was huge. As kiddo got bigger, Gabby was great in jumping in and helping wherever she could, even without being asked. It was nice to come back from an errand or a workout and cuddle with kiddo and not worry about doing dishes or folding laundry - really nice reprieve.


Gabby came and set everything up for my placenta encapsulation. It was done in a professional and clean way right in my home. It felt very personal to see her clean and prep everything.
Thank you Gabby for doing my placenta encapsulation. I look forward to the benefits of taking my placenta capsules.


The most valuable part of Gabrielle’s support is how she anticipated my needs before I asked.


Gabby was our postpartum night support and she is AMAZING. She was so good with our baby and stayed with us regularly for 3 months. I really think having Gabby around helped us adjust to being new parents, get some crucial sleep and was such a great source for resources and suggestions. We love Gabby!