Holiday Season Baby Toy Ideas 2017

The Holiday season is upon us yet again! How in the heck did that happen? 

With the holiday season, comes advertisement upon advertisement of what your baby "needs". As Doulas, we see a lot of new toys and gadgets and with that we get to see what's really worth buying for your baby. We're here to help you weed through the madness of holiday advertising and bring you a few of our favorite tried and true baby toys. 

We also highly encourage you to support local and shop consignment. There are so many good toy stores and consignment shops in our area, so please check them out. As a disclaimer, this blog does contain affiliate links that we would get a portion of if you choose to buy from our link. 

Toy Stores

Snapdoodle Toys- Redmond and Kenmore locations

Toys that Teach- Country Village- Bothell

Wee Tots- Bellevue

Consignment Shops

Kids on 45th- Wallingford Seattle

Hopscotch Kids- Lynnwood

Childish Things- Greenwood

Roo's World of Discovery- Downtown Kirkland- Roo's World is also a beautiful play space and has a co working space and childcare on some days. 

Sophia la Girafe

Sophia the giraffe is a classic! Ask your parents, you probably had one. 

I love the fact that it's made with 100% natural rubber and food dye. You can feel good about giving your baby this toy to gnaw on. 

The Baby Banana

The baby banana is another great option for teething babies. This is made with 100% food grade silicone and is BPA free. Another plus is that it encourages and develops good oral hygiene. The "peelings" of the banana make it easy to grasp. 

Lamaze Octotunes

When I used to nanny, a family I was nannying for had this toy for their little one. I was in love with it as soon as I saw it. In fact, this sweet family actually gave it to me when my time was up with them and now my son plays with it. 

 It's so cool, you guys. Each tentacle plays a different note when  you or baby squeezes it. Also, I don't know what they put on it to make it smell so good; but it smells amazing!

Skip Hop 3 in 1 Activity Table

This activity table is, seriously! I love it so much. Not only is it super cute, it serves as 3 different activity centers for your growing babe.

Stage 1-Baby sits inside and can play with the attachments. Stage 2- Baby can pull up and play with the toys from outside of the seat. The foot rest pops off and fills the hole where the seat comes out. Stage 3- Toy attachments come off, leaving the table to be used as a toddler activity table. 

Stacking Toy

This is a great toy to teach babies cause and effect. Stacking toys are also great to teach object permanence, games like peek-a-boo with something hidden underneath one of the stacking bowls.  


Books are always a hit with adults and babies alike. My favorites right now are "Things That Go"(Indestructibles Series), "Mary had a Little Lamb" (Indestructibles Series), "Monster ABC" by Derek and Kyle Sullivan, "Love is all Around Washington" by Wendi Silvano, and "Tell me a Tattoo story" by Alison McGhee