5 Essentials for Baby's First Week Home

Often, Danielle and I are with families during the first week home. We get asked ALL THE TIME what the “essentials” are. We like to suggest the below items to have in your toolkit.

*Night light- We suggest a warm red tone or yellow tone night light. We often will suggest having two night lights; one for the room and one by the changing table.

*A good sound machine- We have really been loving The Hatch Rest night light and sound machine combo. Our other favorites are Marpac Rohm and Dohm (they are the classics).

*Nice swaddle blankets- We love Aden and Anais and our newest favorite is Copper Pearl brand swaddle blankets, they’re just so dang soft and stretchy.

*A bottle/tin of formula- Just in case you do end up having to supplement, you’re prepared and don’t have to go to the store in the middle of the night. Our favorites are Similac Organic Advanced ready to feed, Baby’s Only, Earth’s Best, Enfamil Gentle ease.

*At least one bottle- We love Dr. Browns with the premie nipple.

*Somewhere to set baby- Rock and Play or Dock a Tot are our favorites. We love these because they’re a safe and portable place to put baby when you need to take a shower or use the bathroom. We also really love moses baskets.

In addition to the above items, remember to have patience with yourselves and your new little one. You are all learning and having to adapt to your new normal. If all else fails, give us a call and we are happy to come by and do a free consult. Contact us at 425.287.6526