Creating a Peaceful Birth Space

Whether in a hospital, birth center, or at home, creating a soothing vibe for the birth space is totally my jam. It's important that you feel good in your space, wherever that is. But, it should essentially be private, quiet, safe, and warm.

The typical hospital setting can be a pretty sterile environment, but there are things you can do to change the energy of the room. The first thing I do when I enter is create a sacred space of peace and calm; the space that holds the energy for everyone in the room, including your little one making their journey earth-side. So it’s important whether you are at home or in a hospital that you feel completely at ease and supported in your birth space.

Most items in my birth bag are things that help me build a cozy, comfortable nest for my laboring individuals to do their intensive work- my birthing scarf, labor balls, hot water bottle, massage tools and lotions, essential oils, and other special treats. Items I gather once I arrive are (quite a few) hand towels and washcloths, pillows, blankets, a heating pad, and an ice bucket.

I find one of the largest impacts on energy is the lighting. I am always mindful of lights I can dim or turn off, and bring small LED candles to sprinkle around the room and bathroom. I also encourage my clients to purchase a lavender scented eye pillow- you can find them for super cheap on Amazon, and can warm them up in the microwave to deeply relax with the lavender aromatherapy while keeping in a focused space by eliminating any distracting light.

You guys- I cannot encourage hydrotherapy enough! This can be such a powerful tool for pain management and relaxation. A hot bath or shower, or simply running water down the back can be so soothing during contractions. Bring the peanut ball to rest on in the tub, a few LED candles, and a soothing playlist, and you will find the most chill of spaces.

Here are some other ideas that may help you find your chill space:
Mats, beanbags, cushions, blankets and/or a birth ball to make yourself comfortable. Remember that upright positions will help labor to progress. Keep moving as much as you can.

Comfy Clothes-You’ve probably been living in them anyway these last few months and will most likely continue doing so moving into motherhood, so don’t stop now!

Your own pillow, soft robe, cozy slippers 

Would you like any music playing? Perhaps you have songs with special significance?  Perhaps you’ve already been meditating to something or there’s a particular tune or style of music that you just generally find soothing and reassuring?  Or it can be fun! Prepare a playlist in advance with different styles for different times. The faster, livelier tunes may be helpful in the early stages, but as you start to need more focus, I would recommend something slower and more rhythmic. 

What else would bring you greater peace? 

Birthing is a whole body experience, and your senses are heightened, so use them to your advantage – they can also be a great distraction. Have you or could you explore some high quality pure essential oils that you could diffuse in your birthing suite (or place a few drops onto cotton balls)?  Specifically relaxing ones, uplifting ones, or simply your favorite smell? 

In my work, I have found that when my client feels safe and supported, they can find a tender place of relaxation that allows them to trust me, and trust their body. When they find this place, they no longer worry about the time or what is happening around them, they become fully engaged and in tune with their bodies, and are able to ride the waves patiently until baby comes. It is an amazingly beautiful thing to watch.