Doulas aren't just for Hippies and Homebirths

Let me start by saying that although home births and hippies are AMAZING, that is not the only birth choice Doulas support.

The role of a Doula is to support a client’s chosen birth and postpartum choices and to give them physical and emotional support throughout their journey. A lot of times, this means their minds change halfway through their labor.

And here’s the important part, Doulas are supposed to support a client in a judgement free manner; no matter their decision.

A planned epidural birth is just as valid as a birthing person that chooses to labor and birth without an epidural. Same goes for planned cesarean births.

Just as there is no correct way to parent, there is also not a correct way to birth. Doulas serve as unbiased support people to stand by whatever way their client chooses to birth. Doulas are trained to support ALL ways of birthing not just one type of birth.

As Doulas, it’s not our job to judge clients for the birth they chose or need to have. Our job is to SUPPORT them and their partner fully and without judgement so they can remember the birth of their child in a positive light.

It is also incredibly important that the client feel heard and respected during the birth of their child/children. The birth of their baby is something they will remember forever.

My point is, Doulas are for all types of births. There is something to be said about having a person who is there for the sole purpose of supporting the birthing person and their partner.

There is a misconception that Doulas ONLY help with an unmedicated, natural birth at home or at a birth center attended by a midwife. This misconception is so far from the reality of Doula work. Also, if a birthing person desires an unmedicated natural birth in a hospital setting with an OB; it’s absolutely possible to have one. Just to further my point, my birth clients have mostly birthed in hospitals with OB/Gyns and at least half went on to have the natural unmedicated birth they desired. Doulas help in all birthing scenarios. We are there solely for the support of the birthing person and their partner.

We are food runners, nap reminders, break givers, space holders, information centers, connectors between birthing person, partner and their medical team, double hip squeezers, expert listeners and hand holders and so so much more.

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