"F*ck Off" A New Parent's Ode to Unwanted Advice

Something new parents always tell Danielle and I is that strangers, friends, and family members now feel the need to give mostly unwanted advice. Sometimes this is good advice and sometimes the advice is well meaning but is not well articulated or received. One of our roles as postpartum doulas is to build parents up and give them "permission" to trust themselves and know that the decisions they're making for their kiddos are the right ones. This unwanted advice is very often a criticism of what parents are currently doing and is incredibly counter productive (ex. "Put a hat on that poor baby, he's cold."). 

My advice to parents is trust your gut and do what you feel is right and ignore all other input from strangers or family members. So, strangers, well meaning friends and family members; please keep your advice and comments to yourselves. New parents have a hard enough time adjusting and feeling confident in their ability to parent without unwanted and unneeded advice. Parents or expecting parents, if you're reading this; know that Danielle and I will ALWAYS support you and your decisions without giving advice or passing judgement. Don't be afraid to tell advice givers to fuck off and mind their own business. These are your children and you get to decide how to raise them.