Expanding Services in 2018!

This past year was huge for Blue Cascade Doula Services; I had my first child and saw incredible growth in myself and in this business.  I also added Danielle as a partner and we haven't looked back since.

Entering a partnership has been the best decision we've made for the business. We are so excited for the growth of our business and the ability to expand the services we provide to our clients.

In 2018, we are adding two new services; Virtual Doula and Doula Concierge. The Doula Concierge service will be offered to all of our birth clients. The Virtual Doula service will be offered to clients nationwide and possibly worldwide. For more information on these new services please visit our Rates and Services page.

We are so very excited to offer these new services! Our hope is that these additional services will elevate our clients' birth and postpartum experience and allow them to be as prepared as possible and have an enjoyable parenting experience instead of an anxiety filled first few months. We look forward to all the new opportunities 2018 will bring! We wish you a happy and joyous new year!

Gabrielle JonesComment