You ARE enough

In this world of constant connection and bombardment of unrealistic expectations, you need to know that you ARE enough. 

Yes, you the Mom who is sitting on the couch in the same clothes you wore yesterday. You are enough. You've kept the baby alive, that's literally the only thing you HAVE to do as a new parent. The constant message parents receive is that you must bounce back to pre-baby weight or, that you have to look put together and perfect on a daily basis, or that you should love your baby right away.

 I'm here to tell you, that's absolute bullshit! Also, it's completely unrealistic.

These days parents are constantly being shown on social media that their friend or neighbor across the way has a perfect life and perfect kids. This is simply not true, they may look perfect on social media, but they likely have their own issues and struggles in their daily life with kiddos. Just remember today, as you're scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed that you ARE enough and what you're doing for you and your family is appreciated. Parenting is hard work. You should get a medal for getting through each day.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and needing some input and assistance sorting through life as a new parent; please give us a call 425.287.6526. We are trained birth and postpartum doulas and can help. 

If you're local to the Seattle area, check out the support groups below: 

Mothering the Mother- Run by therapist Darla Grieco, this group meets in Lynnwood every Saturday at 12PM. Darla is wonderful and specializes in postpartum mood disorders and marriage counseling. 

Little Sprouts- This group is facilitated by doulas Mariah Falin and Melinda Ferguson and is held in Mountlake Terrace at Sprout Birth Center on Tuesdays at 10AM. They often have guest speakers as well.